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Columbian Dos Pesos Oro January 1, 1973 issue Unc!

Columbian Dos Pesos Oro January 1, 1973 issue Unc!

These are prefect uncirculated examples of the 1/1/1973 Columbian Dos Peso Oro.  If you order more than one some are in sequential order!  I can sell you as many as 10 in sequential order! Quantity In Stock: 16 SKU/Item#: 40007
Sale Price: $3.00 
Our Price:$4.00
Mixed Foreign Currency (10 notes!)

Mixed Foreign Currency (10 notes!)

This is a really neat lot of ten different foreign pieces of currency.  These will all be genuine foreign notes.  Most will be well circulated, but at only 25 cents each they are quite the deal.

/photo is example of lot
Quantity In Stock: 6 SKU/Item#: 40010
Our Price: $2.50 
Foreign Currency Mix Lot (Better)

Foreign Currency Mix Lot (Better)

What do we do with all the notes we get that are worth under my $3 dollar minimum for putting up individually?  We put them in these lots.  Each of these great notes catalog for over $1 each, most for more.  You are buying ten notes, very cool issues. 

Photo is an example of what we sell.

Quantity In Stock: 2 SKU/Item#: 40012
Our Price: $7.00 

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