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Since its inception in 1974, Steinmetz Coins & Currency has become one of the nation's leading numismatic companies with sales exceeding $200 million. Steinmetz Coins & Currency specializes in servicing client portfolios by providing numismatic expertise and assistance with market timing. In 2006 Steinmetz Coins & Currency founded our York location to concentrate on ensuring the best possible experience for our retail customers. In both locations the company purchases and sells rare numismatic pieces. Hopefully you will find this website easy to use and the focus of all your coin needs.. Confidence in buying and selling coins, currency and precious metals is essential and predictable with Steinmetz Coins & Currency. Own a piece of history and invest in commodities of outstanding value.

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Silver Cert Star Notes These are small lots of STAR notes! Each lot consists of one silver certificate one dollar star note and a silver certificate $5 star note.  Dollar bills will be from 1935 and 1957.  Silver cert fives will be from 1953.

The star designates that each of these were replacements for note the Bureau had an issue printing.  They can be more challenging to get than standard notes.  

/Your two notes will be pulled from the notes in the picture.

SKU/Item#: 20038
Our Price: $18.00 

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