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Half Ounce Gold Coins

American Gold Eagle: 1/2 oz

American Gold Eagle: 1/2 oz

These are great 1/2 ounce $25 dollar gold eagle.  Great for investment in gold!

These coin are live!  

/Coins shown are coins as of below update.
//Quantity and Price updated 6/26/2020
///2% discount on check of cash applicable
Quantity In Stock: 4 SKU/Item#: 45023
Our Price: $980.00 
First Spouse Gold

First Spouse Gold

The first spouse series is a .999 half ounce us gold coin.  These great coins sell for less than their half ounce gold eagle counterparts.  A great option for bullion collector who might also like their low mintages.

Each coin honors a different first lady.

These are selling at +5% to cash or check customers.  (Much cheaper than AGE 1/2)

/Quantity and price updated 7/7/2020
// Photo is the two coins in our tray from last month.
Quantity In Stock: 1 SKU/Item#: 45077
Our Price: $966.00 

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Showing 1-2 of 2 Products

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